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The chef recommends

  • Apple Puff Pastry

    Apple Puff Pastry Delight yourself tasting Miguelitos’ crunchy apple pastry that melts in your mouth with its fine and enjoyable texture. Its special dough and creamy apple taste take us back to the origins of medieval confectionery in the areas under the Arabic influence, or even before that, reaching Greek and Roman times.

  • Cheese Cake

    Cheese Cake Cheese cakes are one of the most exquisite desserts, and they’re probably also among the oldest sweets with a non-milk dairy ingredient. Did you know that the first reference of the cheese cake comes from the ancient Greek Olympic Games? It is for sure one of the most requested desserts in our restaurant. Its distinct creamy texture makes it even more appetizing. 

  • Rice pudding

    Rice pudding “Arroz con leche” is an exquisite dessert featured in the traditional gastronomy of many countries, and in Miguelitos is one of the star desserts. During a very careful preparation, we select the best ingredients to make it even more special. Cinnamon, vanilla and lemon peel give it that special touch that intensifies its delicious taste and texture.

  • Crema catalana with carquinyolis

    Crema catalana with carquinyolis This famous pudding is one of the most typical desserts of Catalunya. Of course it can be enjoyed any time of the year, but it is prepared specially on March 19 for Father’s Day (Saint Joseph). The “carquinyolis” have a very particular flavor, they are a sort of dry and sweet toasted biscuit with almonds. They’re just the perfect match for crema catalana.