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Authentic Cuisine

At Miguelitos we take food very seriously, that is why we have placed our kitchen at full view of our customers, so they can enjoy watching our chef and his staff working diligently and passionately on our recipes. That for us is the real meaning of our motto “cuina de veritat” which translates from Catalan as “authentic cuisine”. Miguelitos menu is the result of a meticulous process that starts with the selection of the freshet ingredients and the creation of mouth-watering recipes, and goes to the final preparation of the delicacies that arrive to our client’s tables.

Next to the tapas bar you can appreciate our jamĂłn rack, with an assortment of aromatic and carefully selected Spanish ham. At Miguelitos we also have a controlled temperature cellar for our wines. In our wine list you will find an ample selection of excellent Spanish labels, you can pick from different vintage years and regions, reservas and DOC. Some wines can also be served by the glass or in half bottle format.

Don’t hesitate to ask our staff for advice, they will be glad to guide you through our menu and pick the best combination of plates and matching wines. They will also present you with the daily and chef’s specials. Together with our menu that features a tasteful variety of Miguelitos classics, our chef is always proposing new recipes based on fresh and seasonal ingredients. So let us surprise you and delight you with our original innovations.

You can close this gastronomic feast with a cheese selection or some fresh fruit, however, if you prefer to end with a sweet note, you can pick from our list of home made desserts prepared with fresh and tasteful ingredients. Truffles, sorbets, cakes, Spanish flans and creams are just some of the choices you will find to let your self go and be tempted by sweetness.